About the Owner

Rex Kneeling

Rex Sanford, PE, Civil Engineer is an expert in the field of civil engineering with more than 25 years of experience working in Delaware, Ulster, Greene and surrounding counties. In that time, he has completed a variety of projects, specializing in work with the CWC Septic Replacement Program.

Industry Connections
Rex interacts closely with all agencies, contractors, and stakeholders involved in civil engineering projects. He has a strong working relationship with:

• Ulster County Health Department
• NY State DEC
• NY State Department of Health
• Local Planning & Zoning Boards
• Code Enforcement Officers
• Area Excavating Contractors
• Architects
• Land Surveyors



• ASCE (American Society
  of Civil Engineers)
• Licensed Professional Engineer    


Contact Rex in Boiceville, New York, to find out more about his work on civil engineering projects.