"Rex Sanford is our hero. We're not just saying that. He really saved us. We poured our savings into a building with hopes of realizing our life's dreams of owning a restaurant. Due to regulatory changes, we were told that we would not be able to open. Needless to say, this was a frightening time for us, both emotionally and financially. Thankfully, we had Rex Sanford on our side. Through his expertise in engineering, he not only designed a competent septic system, but also helped us navigate the often complex bureaucracy of the region's various environmental agencies. Through his wisdom, experience and advocacy, we were able to see our dream come to fruition. There were times when he even played psychologist, offering empathy and comfort during an unbelievably stressful period of uncertainty. Our restaurant has thrived for over 10 years- and none of it would have been possible without his perseverance and talent. We are forever grateful." Marybeth and Devin Mills, Owners Peekamoose Restaurant

"My experience with Rex Sanford, PE, began with our process of selecting an engineer to assist in converting an old, run down summer camp into a vibrant 24/7 Buddhist Temple. When I made several cold calls to local engineers, I would ask them, "If not you, who would you recommend?" Rex Sanford was the unanimous choice. In words of one such referral, "when Rex submits his plans they go to the top of the pile of paperwork at the local building inspector's office, because of his reputation for integrity, and total understanding of how to do the job in the right way." This statement proved true on multiple occasions. Not only were the engineering services spot on, with Rex explaining the pros and cons of differing approaches, and being there for each major moment of the process to guide us through, but because of Rex's extensive ties to the community he directed to the right contacts. Overall, we do not know how well we would have fared with anyone else at the helm. We are eternally grateful." USA Shaolin Temple, Peter P Traub, Esq. general counsel.

Civil Engineering

"There are people who take great pride in their work, who value integrity, are good at what they do and are honest. They deserve recognition. Rex is one of those people; his work is top of the line, he cares about what he does and for the people he works for. He is very generous with his time, is willing to give sound advice that stems from a practical mind and years of experience. I have the upmost respect and admiration for him and couldn't recommend him more highly!” Janet Villani Garratt, home owner

"Rex is client friendly, and a pleasure to work with. He designs are very functional, cost effective, and always in compliance with our local strict regulations. He handles all the paperwork "logistics" efficiently, and has a great common sense for utilizing the least intrusive designs for existing site conditions." Dave Cowan, Cowan Excavating LLC.